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    Door Clamps

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    Heavy Duty Pneumatic Entry Door Clamp - #79K-10

    48" x 120" Capacity for Solid Wood Entry Doors


    Removable vertical center rail for multiple cabinet door squaring.
    Attached vertical center rail can clamp (2) 48" x 56" cabinet doors side by side.
    (4) vertical and (2) horizontal pneumatic clamps with 2500# of clamping pressure per clamp.
    Space-saving upright design.
    60 degree vertical working angle footprint 148"L x 78"H x 48"W.

    Special Heavy Duty Entry Door Clamp #79K-10-SP By JLT

    60" x 144" Capacity
    Specialized Design for Large Metal Frames and Windows


    Specialized Design for Large Metal Frames and Windows.
    60" x 144" Capacity.
    Pneumatic Dial Control Operation for precise Clamping & Squaring

    8' Buddy System Combo Clamp - #79R-8 By JLT

    26" x 62" Capacity Cabinet Door Clamp & 8' Panel Clamp Buddy System

    Designed to Increase Production while Saving 50% more Shop Floor Space

    #79K-6-DC: 6' Stile and Rail Door Clamp

    26" x 62" Maximum Capacity
    Single Lever Valve Operation, Easy to Use Design
    Includes (1) Horizontal and (2) Vertical Clamps
    (2) Second Clamping time with Precise Squaring

    #79F-8-PC: 8' Wide Panel Clamp

    (5) Total Gluing Levels
    Includes (18) 32" or 40" Taylor Clamps
    Free Standing Clamping System on Sturdy Steel Constructed Legs
    Produce up to 100+ Cabinet Doors and up to 50 Panels per day. 100% Steel Construction

    Large Capacity Double Door Clamps 79K-8-DDC

    Large Capacity and Versatile for a Wide Variety of Stile and Rail Cabinet Door Sizes.
    38" x 97" Overall Capacity
    Includes (4) Vertical Clamps and (2) Horizontal Clamps
    Single Lever Valve Air Activation
    Clamp & Square Multiple Cabinet Doors with Vertical Center Rail - (2) 38" x 46" Doors Side by Side Double Door Clamping.
    100% Heavy Duty Steel Construction.
    Convenient 60 Degree Vertical Working Angle.

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